We are proud to host the AWC Virtual 2021 Conference!

With increased concern over the number of COVID cases and the great uncertainty with the new variant strains, and the low levels of vaccines that are being made available in Canada, Advancing Women Conference will not be moving forward as in-person conferences in 2021. We are proud to once again bring information to the women and men in the agriculture industry through virtual conferences and events as we did in 2020.

Hear what AWC Virtual 2020 delegates had to say about our program and platform:

“The platform was EXCELLENT. Very well executed.”

 “It was very organized and very well done with no technical issues. It was nice I could be in the comfort of my own home and enjoy the conference.”

“The ability to still network in the networking session.  Able to privately message speakers when I might not have the courage to talk to them face to face.”

Listen, Learn, Network, and Grow!

  • Connect with like-minded women passionate about agriculture and food.
  • Grow from informative, inspiring and motivating discussions with influential leaders.
  • Learn the tools and techniques that will empower you to live to your full potential.


If you are interested in participating in AWC Virtual 2021 as a sponsor, please call 403-686-8407 or email imeck@farmmedia.com.

More AWC Virtual 2020 delegate comments about our program and platform:

“The ability to pause if I needed to and listen in. Ability to still network in the Networking Gala. Able to privately message speakers when I might not have had the courage to talk to them face to face.” – Delegate

“An excellent event for young women starting their career in the ag industry. I’ll be sending all my students.” – Dr. Jennifer E., University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

“The networking, though it would have been better in person, I was still able to make connections and get in contact with a handful of new people, and was able to give advice to some younger people which made me feel good.” – Delegate

“I will be telling my female counterparts in the industry about the benefit if this conference.” – Charlotte M., Spirit River, Alberta

“I thought that it was very well organized. I was able to attend while being safe at home. Overall, it was a great conference and I really enjoyed it! Great work everyone. I would highly recommend AWC.” – Sarah R., Hamiota, MB

“AWC is a fantastic event which brings together a variety of talented and intelligent people to engage in great conversations. This year, the stories of the presenters showed passion, commitment and vulnerability. Thank you so much for this event!” – Chrystal H., Alberta

More information coming soon! Stay tuned!

Visit our YouTube Channel for speaker clips, and hear what women are saying about their experience at AWC.

Meet Cassidy Kirsch who has attended our conference three times. Learn why she feels every woman in Ag should attend the conference: