AWC WEST 2024: March 17, 18 & 19, 2024!

Why AWC?

Women play a significant and diverse role in agriculture and food, and their contributions are widely acknowledged. On the farm, they are responsible for managing family-related matters, accounting and bookkeeping, strategic and financial planning, farm safety, and various other tasks. Many women are also involved in off-farm employment, volunteering, and entrepreneurial pursuits. Women entrepreneurs, women on the farm, and those in the corporate agri-business sector face the challenge of balancing work and home responsibilities. Ultimately, women need time to build relationships, gain support, and build resiliency. AWC is a community dedicated to supporting women in agriculture.

The biggest challenge for women is time. It’s important to give yourself time to focus on your goals and get the resources you need to achieve them. At AWC, we understand the unique challenges faced by women in agriculture and are committed to helping them succeed in their day-to-day lives. By attending our programs and events, women can take advantage of the resources and opportunities offered by AWC and reap the benefits.

Investing in yourself is crucial for success in any field. If you are passionate about agriculture and food, networking with like-minded individuals can help you grow both personally and professionally. Whether you are a student, a woman in farming, an entrepreneur in agriculture and food, a member of a grower association, or a representative of an agri-business, joining us at AWC can provide you with the necessary skills, tools, and tips to enhance your path to success.

At AWC, you will have the opportunity to interact with others who share your interests, which can positively impact your mood, happiness, and mental health. Building new friendships and relationships can provide a sense of safety, belonging, and security. You can confide in others and let them confide in you, which can be good for the soul.

To date over 7500 women and men have attended AWC and have been inspired by leaders in and outside of the industry.

Join us to hear role models tell their story – their challenges, obstacles, successes and lessons learned and more:

  • Hone your soft skills in leadership and career building. Get empowered.
  • Network and build connections with women from across the country and sector.
  • Share ideas, and different perspectives.
  • Speak with like-minded individuals.
  • Practice skills in multiple workshops.

Listen, Learn, Network, and Grow!


If you are interested in participating in AWC WEST 2024 as a sponsor, call 403-686-8407 or email Show your commitment to the Ag and Food industry and support and foster growth among students and women in this industry!

AWC WEST Conference Promotions from our Sponsors:

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