Who Should Attend?

AWC is created for every woman who is passionate about agriculture and food, whether you are a university or college student studying agriculture, producer, rancher, entrepreneur, representative of a grower association or corporate agribusiness.  AWC is for women who want to enhance their family life, community, career, and industry through:

  • communications through coaching, mentoring, and networking
  • financial management and independence
  • health and balance of life strategies
  • career planning, and
  • setting goals in all areas

Get Involved

Why be involved in AWC?

NETWORK: Meet women passionate about agriculture, make new business contacts, share your experiences, explore new ideas to build a stronger future and connect with future colleagues.

LEAD: Your involvement will demonstrate your commitment to recruiting, retaining and advancing women in agribusiness. Join our community of inspired women!

ELEVATE: Showcase your organization and brand as an innovative leader by being part of this initiative and show you recognize the important contribution women in all sectors of agriculture make to our industry.

INVEST: This conference has a winning track record for networking and learning.

How can you participate? There are many ways to be involved!

ATTEND: You can attend yourself, or with a group of women! We have seen many large groups of customers, clients, and members come from different companies and organizations, mothers and daughters attend together, and individuals from across Canada and the U.S. come. Some companies use this to enhance their human resources and marketing programs. It’s a gathering of women in agriculture not to be missed!

SHARE: This conference has grown remarkably by powerful word-of-mouth sharing. Do you know women who would love this information? We’d be grateful if you could share it with women in your network: staff, family members, clients, customers, producer groups or industry stakeholders. Some organizations use this program as an opportunity to build better relationships with their customers and stakeholders and hold contests, draws, receptions and events around the conference.

SPONSOR: Contact us early to book your sponsorship position! Exclusive sponsorship positions will be designated on a first come basis. Also consider nurturing a future leader by sponsoring a student from an ag college or university.

Want to find out more?

We look forward to meeting your needs – just call us at 403-686-8407.

Become a Sponsor

Take action today! Contact us early to book your sponsorship position!

Exclusive sponsorship positions will be designated on a first come basis. Also consider nurturing a future leader by sponsoring a student from an ag college or university.

Want to find out more?

We look forward to meeting your needs – just call us at 403-686-8407.

Student Program

Each year we invite students to apply for the AWC Student program where they can get their hotel accommodations and registration to AWC provided for them. Join us to help build our future leaders in agriculture by becoming a sponsor for young women passionate about agriculture.

This is how important this type of conference is to our leaders of tomorrow. Hear what some of our past attending AWC students have told us:

“As a student sponsor, it was very important for me to reach out to the two students that we sponsored to get to know them personally and understand why the Advancing Women in Ag conference was important to them. I am very glad that I took the time to reach out to both students by phone before the conference to get to know them more, and they had some great questions for me as they wanted to learn more about Zoetis and what my role within the company was. I was incredibly impressed with the level of engagement and professionalism demonstrated by both students at the conference. Since October, I have kept in touch with both of them, I’ve involved them in one of our customer meetings, and they both attended the first “CalfStart College” workshop that I led to share best practices with dairy calf health management. I would encourage other Ag business to get involved with sponsoring these young women, and to make that extra effort really get to know them as these personal connections create wonderful opportunities for both parties.” -Melodie Chan, Senior Manger Veterinary Services – Cattle/ Equine/Genetics, Zoetis, Kirkland, Quebec

“I would just like to tell you and your team how thankful I am to have been able to experience the Advancing Women In Agriculture Conference in Calgary a couple of weeks ago. As I am home going about my usual schoolwork and work duties, I am still reminded of how much passion and devotion goes into our powerful industry. I learned a lot about the boundaries we create for ourselves and how to dismantle them. I also learned a lot about new changes in businesses and succession planning (which is where we are at for both my family’s seed plant and my boyfriend’s farm!) This student opportunity was great, and I am excited for all of the future students who can participate. What a fun way to meet people and see others hard at work like ourselves. Thank you very much for organizing this event.” -Karis H., University of Manitoba

“Thank you for organizing such a fantastic conference! I am so happy that I was able to attend, it truly was inspiring and I have a whole notebook full of highlights to share with my peers! I’ve been encouraging all my girlfriends to mark AWC west 2017 on their calendars!” -Fiona J., Student, St-Francois Xavier, MB

“Very interesting, uplifting and motivating conference that is amazing for young women who often question their decision to enter this industry. This conference smashed all doubts.” -Melissa D., Olds, AB

“The greatest benefit of the conference? To be inspired – and I am fully! So many areas of agriculture to become involved in.” -Brianna C., Dapp, AB

“This is a great conference, but the sponsorship for students was what allowed me to attend. Amazing weekend! Good stories and speakers. I feel inspired to be a part of this industry.” -Briane C., Garafraxa, ON

“Unreal experience and confidence booster. So great to meet so many like-minded women in the industry. Once I’m done school, I feel like I’ll have so many more connections. Any chance to advance in networking and leadership skills is something that I am interested in.” -Rachael V., Portage la Prairie, MB

If you are a university or college student studying agriculture who wants to attend AWC, or an industry stakeholder who wants to sponsor a student, contact us at 403-686-8407 or email us for details at imeck@farmmedia.com.


Here is what we have heard!

In their own words – comments from our sponsors and delegates

“As a first time attendee, I truly enjoyed listening to the speakers who covered a wide diversity of subjects. From starting their own business to succession planning as well as mental health to menopause, many topics were covered.  Informative sessions, very well organized event and I am looking forward to see what’s in store for next year! If a you are a women farmer, I truly encourage you to attend this event!”
~ Alexandra Brochu, Girouxville, AB

“Thank you for inspiring and re-energizing me! I thought all the speakers were top-notch, engaging, subject matter experts and offered great suggestions, direction and encouragement. The meals, snacks and beverages were fantastic!  Loved the facility, my very comfy room, and the helpful hotel staff.  Thank you for a fantastic experience.”
~ Michele

“I have been off the farm since I first left for college and started to feel like I had lost my place within the ag community. Being here showed me there is always a place in ag and there is no “right” way to be a woman in ag. Thank you for giving all of us this change to feel loved and included.”
~ Jessie, Raymond, AB

“Hearing all these stories from amazing women gave me the fire under my butt to take the next step in my career and life! Thank you.”
~ Lynne, Sherwood Park, AB

“The feeling of this conference is unlike any other conference I’ve ever been to.  The sense of community is strong and being surrounded by amazing women has been healing in ways I never knew I needed!”
~ Holly, Listowel, ON

Here is what Tony Morris, P.Ag, Director with The Grand River Agricultural Society (GRAS) and sponsors of 5 AWC students had to say about AWC EAST 2017: “Developing and enhancing leadership skills is a key component of GRAS vision in providing sustainable community engagement. AWC provided students the opportunity for interaction and networking with leaders, which is important for their own individual growth and for the future of community development and leadership. AWC was excellent with very interesting topics. It was an amazing experience for personal growth. It helped me with a better understanding of the differences in viewpoints and critical analysis that are evident between the sexes, as well as improving my own personal ability to interact in such a setting.”

Merel Voth, who operates Hillside Dreams Goat Dairy with her husband Barrie, was inspired to start a goat association for commercial producers when she heard leadership stories by other women who attended our Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference in October 2017. We love providing the space for learning and inspiration like this! Click here to read her story.

“At Cargill, we are committed to creating an inclusive workplace that fosters growth and development for all our employees. The Advancing Women Conference reflects this and is a great way to accelerate the development of women at Cargill and in Canadian agriculture. Our employees return from the conference energized, motivated and excited about what they learned and the networking they were able to do. It is exciting to see women in agriculture coming together in such an engaging way and Cargill is proud to be a continuous sponsor of this event.”
~Jeff Vassart, President, Cargill Limited

“The success of the Canadian agriculture industry is thanks to the bright women and men who have brought us to where we are today. The challenges of tomorrow will require even greater leadership, and G3 is very pleased to support the Advancing Women Conference to foster the development of women across the industry. We hope the experience is inspiring and empowering for all of the conference participants.”
~Karl Gerrand, CEO G3

“That was the best conference I have ever participated in my life.”
~Kithma D., Truro, Nova Scotia

“Your passion for this conference is making a real difference for women in Canadian agriculture and I would say for the ag industry overall.”
~Fran B., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“During AWC I heard messages of ‘never say no out of fear’ and to ‘seize every opportunity’. At the conference end, I decided to apply for a new work position and I’m glad I did! Thank you for inspiring many to step outside of our comfort zones!”
~Marijke V., SE Ontario

“It was amazing to get a chance to network with other women in the industry from around the country. Was an awesome conference. Loved the speakers, all very empowering.”
~Julie V., Norton, New Brunswick

“Very interesting, uplifting and motivating conference that is amazing for young women who often question their decision to enter this industry. This conference smashed all doubts.”
~Melissa D., Olds, AB

“Fantastic opportunity to be reminded of dynamic and important contributions women make in agriculture.  Reinforces and reminds us of good strategies for strong leadership.”
~Carmen S., Weyburn, SK

“I would also like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity. As an attendee at the past two Advancing Women in Agriculture Conferences, I benefited immensely from what I learned from all the speakers, and I found the opportunity to share some of my own thoughts with others to be surprisingly rewarding as well.
On behalf of women in agriculture, thank you for the hard work that you put into these events. It’s an incredibly necessary and beneficial event!”
~Jodi R., Lambton Shores, ON

“I feel empowered to be a better advocate for my industry and to take our farm to the next level. This conference has been a game changer for me.”
~Merel V., Salmon Arm, British Columbia

“As a student it has been an experience of a lifetime that I will remember for years to come. Thank you again for giving students like myself the opportunity to be inspired and achieve great success as leaders.”
~Sarah T., Calgary, Alberta

“I was so thrilled to meet so many incredible women in strong positions in the industry. Networking with these women was by far the highlight of the conference for me.”
~Madelena P., Edmonton, Alberta

“This conference also seems to be able to bring me up when I need it, and it lasts all year through.”
~Alana K., Priddis Greens, Alberta

“Loved every minute I was here. I’m so truly thankful and grateful!”
~Wendy M., Gilbert Plains, Manitoba

“I am leaving with a shift in mood and motivation.”
~Pamela W., Brandon, Manitoba

“As always, networking and topics are spot on!”
~Michelle G., Rycroft, Alberta

“This is my first time attending and it was amazing! All of the speakers have been incredible, very insightful and motivating.”
~Erin B., Coalhurst, Alberta

“I’m going to eat better, talk about mental health with my kids and encourage women in my network.”
~Vanessa W., Airdrie, Alberta

“There were a lot of really great topics and I am leaving with a greater knowledge base and a higher level of confidence and empowerment.”
~Jenn F., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to come to Alberta for the first time and to meet many other young women also passionate about contributing to the agriculture industry. Learning about their backgrounds, interests and journeys was really inspiring to me.”
~Morgan M., Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

“This was fantastic both personally and professionally. From networking to all the self-care – outstanding!”
~Lynda C., Leduc, Alberta

“Thank you for bringing amazing women together to support each other, learn from each other – and most importantly, to elevate each other.”
~Shannon P., Calgary, Alberta

“Thank you for the recharge!”
~Marie-Lucie G., Provost, Alberta

“I networked with women I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise, and I left this conference with a confidence and excitement I didn’t have previously.”
~Jaclyn E., Willingdon, Alberta