To date over 5200 women have attended AWC.

AWC Virtual 2020 was a tremendous success with over 720 delegates representing over 320 organizations attending.

AWC Virtual brought delegates from every province in Canada and guests from the Yukon, seven US states, Mexico, Scotland, Queensland, and England. With 42 speakers on the program, the two days went quickly and much learning and networking was done. Here is what some of our delegates had to say about their experience at AWC Virtual 2020:

“Just being in the presence of such empowering, encouraging, amazing women was such a pleasure. It is reassuring to know that I am not alone to hear that others have the same insecurities and fears as myself. This was a great conference to show what women can do. It shows what we can and have achieved.”

“AWC gave me time to self-reflect on my own personal well-being right now and some tangible tools to incorporate into my personal and professional life.”

“I have been to a lot of “women’s” conferences but this was by far the best as it is actually about women in the Ag industry. Having real working women talk about their day-to-day lives was so great to see and I was finally able to relate to topics on a true working level.”

“I was so uplifted and felt so honored to be in a virtual room with all these wonderful women! It was such a positive two days of sharing and learning.”

Didn’t get to our last AWC EAST conference? Here are some highlights:

Meet Cassidy Kirsch who has attended our conference three times. Learn why she feels every woman in Ag should attend the conference.

2020 AWC Speaker Lauren Sergy Welcomes Women in Ag to our Virtual Conference

2021 AWC Speaker Sarah McVanel thanks our Canadian food growers

AWC West 2019 “A really rewarding experience.”