EAST 2017

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Two things make the AWC Student Program successful:

  1. Students who are excited about starting their career path with a little inspiration, some great direction and a network of leaders to have at their fingertips.
  2. Industry leaders who will join us in sponsoring and supporting these students and future leaders by giving them the opportunity to attend AWC.

Want to sponsor a student?

Call us at 403-686-8407 or email

Want to apply for sponsorship?

If you are a student studying agriculture at a Canadian university or college and you are in your first second, third or fourth year, and have not graduated with a degree, you are eligible to apply. Your application will be reviewed and judged and the top students will be sponsored. To apply, complete this application form or call us at 403-686-8407 or email to get the application form. Only complete applications submitted by the deadline will be considered.

Ag Students and Sponsors come together at AWC!

We have received excellent applications from students who are interested in being sponsored to attend AWC EAST 2017 and here are their videos. To sponsor one of these students contact us by email at or call us at (403)686-8407.

Below are the links for each student’s video as well as a brief comment from them as to why they feel attending the conference would be of benefit to them.

Applicants + Sponsors

Patricia Fawley:

“I am interested in attending the conference as it would be a great opportunity to meet other women with the same passions and education backgrounds. This would benefit my career objective by networking thus enabling contact info for future reference to gain other’s perspectives and knowledge to continue my learning and understanding of operations even after I graduate because I firmly believe you are never too old to continue to learn.”
-Patricia Fawley, Animal Systems in Agriculture, University of Manitoba

Melanie Roulin:

“I’m interested in attending the conference to listen and meet other women in the agricultural field, experiences and lessons they’ve learned that I will be able to apply to future career challenges. I think it would be an amazing opportunity to learn and grow both as a student and a woman in agriculture.”
Melanie Roulin, Degree in Animal Systems, University of Manitoba