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January 11, 2019 • Women in agriculture say barriers to equality persist

Manitoba Cooperator: A 17-country study conducted by Corteva Agriscience shows most respondents report progress toward gender equality, but cite key actions needed to remove obstacles for full participation in agriculture.

“Women farmers worldwide say they’re making progress when it comes to achieving gender equality, but they also don’t expect full equality to come any time soon.

In fact, it could be decades away, with widespread gender discrimination persisting that also poses obstacles to their ability to help feed the world, respondents told the Global Women in Agriculture, study, done over five continents and released by Corteva Agriscience, agricultural division of DowDuPont…”

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December 31, 2018 • The times are finally changing for women in agriculture

Alberta Farmer Express: “Changing attitudes and support networks are allowing women to forge a new path in a male-dominated sector. Women have always been an important part of family farms — but over the past 15 years, their roles have evolved, both on the farm and in the agriculture industry as a whole …”

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December 2018 • Focus on the Women in Canadian Agriculture

Media Planet: Diversity in agriculture is often underdiscussed – see how one group is helping women become leaders in the field.

“With a career in Canadian agriculture spanning 40 years, Iris Meck knows firsthand the unique challenges women face in the industry. She’s also a staunch advocate for making the abundance of opportunities for women in the industry more mainstream…”

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December 12, 2018 • Impact Farming Show – Candace Hill – Leadership & Long Runs

Farm Marketer: On this episode of Impact Farming, we sit down with Candace Hill to discuss Leadership and Long Runs and how this is very similar to farming.

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December 5, 2018 • Impact Farming Show – Sheri Griffiths – Working with your Banker

Farm Marketer: On this episode of Impact Farming, we sit down with Sheri Griffiths to discuss working with your banker.

For farmers, borrowing money is one of the biggest parts of farming. These days, you do not get far without borrowing money…

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November 30, 2018 • AT AWC Candace Hill shared her insights on leadership

November  30, 2018  AT AWC Candace Hill shared her insights on leadership—watch her AWC video presentation here and check out the recent article from Progressive Dairyman here.

November 28, 2018 • Impact Farming Show – Julie Gunlock – Modern Agriculture in the culture of alarmism

Farm Marketer: On this episode of Impact Farming, we sit down with Julie Gunlock to discuss modern agriculture in the culture of alarmism.

The culture of alarmism is an unending and relentless drumbeat that everything sold in the grocery store, every piece of food out there is going to kill you or harm your family and a lot of it is tied to a lack of understanding of the modern food system. We are seeing more and more fear-based messaging and questionable marketing going on.

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