Agriculture university and college students come together with sponsors at AWC!

Two things make the AWC Student program successful:

  1. Students who are excited about starting their career path with a blast of inspiration, some great direction, and a network of leaders at their fingertips.
  2. Industry leaders who will join us in sponsoring and supporting these students and future leaders, giving them the opportunity to attend AWC and reap the benefits.

AWC matches students from agricultural degree and diploma programs across Canada with companies looking to invest in future leaders!

Would you like to sponsor a student to attend AWC?

Leading associations and agribusiness can take pride in supporting these young women and making this opportunity possible. That is what AWC has in store for you.

Call us at 403-686-8407 or email

Are you a student that would like to apply for Sponsorship?

The AWC WEST 2024 Student Application deadline is February 26, 2024. Thank you to our students—we can’t wait to meet you at the conference!

Applicants and Sponsors

Boyewa Binitie

Pauline Chan

Anna Dau

Hansanee Fernando

Irelynd Gadd

Angela Geng

Rebecca Gittens

Halle Golinsky

Catherine Gravel

Sabrina Gulab

Bingxin Hai

Frehiwot Hailu

Pascaline Hamuli Saada

Carly Hilbert

Lucia Ines Sanguinetti

Alannah Jagpal

Saluja Karki

Kiran Khurshid

Kyla Krahn

Syafitri Maitri Kumari

Mariia Melynchuk

Marilyn Sharp, PHEc BHE

Beatriz Montenegro

Anna Naim

Amelia Nguyen

Alexandra Omelchuk

Jasmyne Peter

Emily Royce

Annalise Steadman

Hunter Tataryn

Chantelle Twynstra

Julianne Unick

Sarah van Steenbergen

Bianca Vandresen

Hannah Walsh

Julie-Anne Warner

Priscillar Wenyika

Yiingxin Zhao

Saba Zia