The Reading Room: July 2021

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What should you read next? If you have any suggestions of books that we can list, just send your suggestion to and tell us why you love this book!

Here are a couple of book recommendations that we have for you!

If you have met Michelle Cederberg at AWC conferences, you know the title of her book expresses what Michelle is all about! Energy Now! Achieve better health, greater happiness and more energy – mind, body and spirit – through a small-steps-approach that even busy people can get excited about! This book provides practical ideas and simple guidelines for success once-and-for-all. Stay tuned as Michelle will joining us again and taking the podium at AWC 2022!

Stand Out, by Carol Kinsey Goman, a past AWC Speaker, is a leadership contributor for, a leadership presence coach, the author of thirteen business books, and the creator LinkedIn Learning’s best-selling video course, with over 2 million views, “Body Language for Leaders.” Her latest book, “STAND OUT: How to Build Your Leadership Presence,” offers tips and strategies to project confidence, credibility, composure, connection, and charisma. Stay tuned as Carol will be back on the AWC stage in 2022!

A Therapist’s Guide on Relationships – Heal the Past and build the Future… with this open and insightful look at what it takes to build strong relationships. A ground breaking book designed to guide you through a deep personal exploration of your life’s relationships.

  • Learn about how your past influences your present and future relationships.
  • Learn about your current view of relationships.
  • Identify areas needing change and develop a plan on how to implement the changes.