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Ag students and sponsors come together at AWC!

Two things make the AWC Student program successful:

  1. Students who are excited about starting their career path with a blast of inspiration, some great direction, and a network of leaders at their fingertips.
  2. Industry leaders who will join us in sponsoring and supporting these students and future leaders, giving them the opportunity to attend AWC and reap the benefits.

AWC matches students from agricultural degree programs across Canada with companies looking to invest in future leaders!

Students, as you prepare to cross the threshold into the working world, join us and get a head start in honing your leadership skills and building your network!

Would you like to sponsor a student to attend AWC?

Leading associations and agribusiness can take pride in supporting these young women and making this opportunity possible. That is what AWC has in store for you.

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Are you a student who would like to apply for sponsorship?

If you are a student studying agriculture at a Canadian university or college and you are in your first, second, third or fourth year, and have not graduated with a degree, you are eligible to apply. Your application will be reviewed and the top students will be sponsored. Deadline for complete applications extended to September 10, 2018.

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Applicants + Sponsors

Erin Anderson:

“I would like to attend the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference because I think it is extremely relevant to my life and future career. As a woman in the agriculture industry, I think it would be valuable to connect with and be inspired by other women in the industry. I would love to network with these women and learn from them. As many of them have much more experience than I do. I also think the speakers and presentations would teach me something that I could take back and apply to my life and career. I think the program will help me gain confidence in myself as not only a woman in agriculture but a soon to be new graduate looking to start my career as well. I hope that the program can help me network and make meaningful connections while also teaching me and helping me learn more about this industry that I love so much.”
-Erin Anderson, Agronomy, University of Saskatchewan

Daria Antoshina:

“The Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference will provide me with a great experience and connection to female leaders in agriculture. I will be able to learn techniques that will help me to grow in my field of studies and motivate me to become a successful leader myself.”
-Daria Antoshina, BSc Agriculture, University of Guelph

Jo Ann Chew:

“Attending the Advancing Women Conference would allow me to gain valuable insights and skills, further developing my communication and leadership skills. This will grant me the opportunity to interact with others more effectively, which will enhance my career as a graduate student when speaking with producers and industry representatives. By attending this conference, I also hope to expand my network of women and young leaders in agriculture, where we can continue to support one another.”
-Jo Ann Chew, MSc Animal and Poultry Science, University of Saskatchewan

Andrea Dohner:

Ontario 4-H Ambassador

“I believe it is important for us to come together and support each other, and also to inspire one another. With a conference like this, we can inspire and encourage not only other women, but also ourselves. By attending this conference I am hoping to gain some insight into what a career in agriculture could look like and what it would mean for me. I want to be inspired and reassured that a career in agriculture is the right path for me. I also want to learn how to inspire other women to get involved with agriculture.”
-Andrea Dohner, Veterinary Technician, St. Clair College

Christine Flaherty:

“As a young adult looking to make a living in the agriculture industry, I believe learning from the various impressive women at this conference could be a priceless experience. I am looking to develop a career in the nutritional sector of animal livestock but I also want to learn to be a leader in my career in order to open more doors and opportunities to myself. I think this conference could have an immediate and lasting impact on how I move forward with my education and career as a woman in agriculture.”
-Christine Flaherty, Animal Biology, University of Guelph

Carley Frerichs:

“Attending the Advancing Women Conference would provide me with the opportunity to network and connect with other individuals who share similar interests. Animal Ethology and welfare is becoming a popular field of study but it is still a relatively new discipline. Therefore, attending this conference would allow me to see what types of job opportunities currently exist, and connect with those involved.”
-Carley Frerichs, Masters in Animal Science, University of Saskatchewan

Hillary Gbinije:

“The Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference has been a big platform for years and being part of it would be a blessing. Meeting women from diverse places with the same career goals has always been my dream. I know that the conference will be so helpful for my future aspirations.”
-Hillary Gbinije, Food and Agricultural Business, University of Guelph

Ginelle Grenier:

“My career objective is to work in the field of plant breeding/genetics research. Attending the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference would teach me aspects/skills valuable for developing a successful career as a woman in the ever-growing, and changing, agriculture industry. Additionally it would allow me to network with a group of hard-working, educated, and motivated women within the industry. This would motivate me to further pursue my educational and career goals related to agricultural sciences. The conference would also inform me of all the opportunities available for women within the industry, and how to effectively overcome obstacles. It would be an unforgettable experience, that would undoubtedly further my passion for Canadian agriculture!”
-Ginelle Grenier, Plant Biotechnology, University of Manitoba

Saranya Gunasegaram Narayana:

“As a young woman who is passionate about agriculture, I believe that this conference will offer me a lot of benefits. Networking is an important factor in finding a suitable career in any field. This conference will be a remarkable opportunity for me to meet other women in various agriculture sectors and network with them. I would also like to get inspired by women leaders in the agriculture sector who will be attending this conference and also learn from their victories and challenges. Moreover, this will help me to explore different career paths and learn how to develop my leadership and communication skills to be a major contributor in my field.”
-Saranya Gunasegaram Narayana, PhD Genetic Epidemiology, University of Calgary

Amanda Henderson:

Ontario 4-H Young Leader

“I am interested in networking with other conference attendees about some of the issues that women face working in agriculture. In my job breeding queen honey bees I have had the opportunity to train several young women and I hope to find new ways to inspire and encourage them to consider a career in agriculture like I did.”
-Amanda Henderson

Kaitlyn Kitzan:

“I am a young, passionate woman in the agriculture industry. I am interested in attending the Advancing Women Conference to network with other women in the industry, expand my network, and meet mentors. I believe that attending the conference will help me gain confidence to be a leader in the agriculture industry and provide opportunities for my future agriculture aspirations.”
-Kaitlyn Kitzan, Agribusiness, University of Saskatchewan

Leanne Koroscil:

“As I near the end of my second year in the Master’s program, I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve grown and where I want to be after graduation. The Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference would prepare me for life after university. Meeting and networking with motivational women from around the continent would not only be inspiring, but would provide me with invaluable skills for when I embark on the post-graduation journey. I’m passionate about the impact women have on the agriculture industry and would be thrilled to take part in my first Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference during my last academic year!”
-Leanne Koroscil, MSc Plant Science, University of Manitoba

Samantha Lalonde:

“I believe attending the Advancing Women Conference would benefit me in many ways. I am pursuing a career in public relations, so I believe this conference would give me a great opportunity to network with other women and learn about potential career opportunities. I am greatly interested in this conference as I believe it will be a remarkable opportunity to learn about various advancements in the agriculture industry.”
-Samantha Lalonde, Master of Science, University of Saskatchewan

Tanika Leppa:

“I have a passion for agriculture and it is continuing to grow. I have always wanted to have agriculture incorporated into both my personal and professional life. I am so inspired by women in agriculture and cannot wait to listen to what brilliant women in the industry will present at the conference. I expect the program to benefit my career objectives by enhancing my networking opportunities, allowing me to learn from female educators in agriculture, and improving my confidence in the industry as a female. I would love the opportunity to attend the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference East and would see it as a valuable addition to my involvement in the agriculture industry.”
-Tanika Leppa, Animal Science, University of Saskatchewan

Michaela Lièvre:

“I feel that attending the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference would be an invaluable experience. My extra-curricular activities, such as involvement with the Queen of the Furrow program, have highlighted the importance of creating new avenues for young women in the agriculture industry. The Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference is a venue in which like minded individuals can come together to learn and grow. Being involved in the agriculture sector has been so beneficial for me. It would be a privilege to give back to the industry and to share my passion with others, and I believe that attending the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference would be a stepping stone to achieving these goals.”
-Michaela Lièvre, MSc Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph

Lauren Machacek:

“As a young female entering into two male dominated industries, finance and agriculture, this conference would be a great way to connect with other females in the same position. As well there are many portions of this conference that spark my interest. I am interested in the financial side of the conference like the ‘Access to Capital and Working with Your Banker’ workshop and meeting representatives from BMO and FCC and other banking institutions. Other portions like ‘Build your Brand’, 4H learn to do by doing, and the leadership speakers would all be awesome as I am developing as a student and working on personal development. The main benefit for attending this conference though would be to network with women in agriculture and learn more about their career choice, successes and how they see the ag industry growing with the female influence.”
-Lauren Machacek, Finance – Agriculture Enterprise Management, University of Lethbridge

Veronica Owusu:

“This conference is the best place to network with peers and meet industry leaders. I will have the opportunity to interact directly with women from different agricultural backgrounds. Learn from their experiences and also gain valuable skills and knowledge towards my future career. It is also the chance to start building my industry network. To know more about the diverse agricultural industries and the challenges that are being faced. This effect will inspire me in my career path of becoming a crop breeder.”
-Veronica Owusu, Masters – Plant Science, University of Manitoba

Meagan Perlich:

“I am interested in attending the Advancing Women Conference as I think it is a beneficial networking opportunity as I enter the workforce. I hope to work as an agronomist upon graduation and believe I will gain great insight on the career by meeting other individuals that have agronomy related experience. Participating in conference workshops and learning from keynote speakers will prepare me for current and future issues affecting the industry and affecting myself and fellow women working in agriculture.”
-Meagan Perlich, Agronomy, University of Saskatchewan

Alexa Peterson:

“I am interested in attending the Advancing Women Conference because I hope to gain insight on how to transition from being a student to a successful woman in my field. I hope that I will be able to learn from a wide range of women who are leaders in their fields and gain inspiration from like minded peers. I also believe that networking is an important part of any career and would love to continue to meet individuals working and studying in agriculture. I hope that I will gain skills that will help me become a stronger communicator and leader, which I will be able to bring into my future career.”
-Alexa Peterson, Plant Biotechnology, University of Manitoba

Staci Price:

“I am interested in attending this year’s Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference because it is a great way to meet motivating, educated and self-dependent women that have blazed the trail for young women like myself. This conference is an awesome way to network and make connections with other sectors in agriculture and learn about what else is out there in the agriculture industry. This would benefit my career as I finish up school and begin the search for my place in agriculture.”
-Staci Price, Agronomy, University of Manitoba

Cassandra Reedman:

“I believe attending the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference represents an incredible opportunity to meet prominent women leaders in the agriculture industry who can help teach us how to be leaders as well. I discovered my passion for the agriculture industry later than most as I did not grow up on a farm, but I knew right away I wanted to pursue a career in it. This conference will give me the chance to explore my career options and meet inspiring women that I can learn from. The welfare and management sectors of the dairy industry that I have been researching are becoming much more prominent in today’s society and I am very interested to learn about the various advancements in these particular sectors as well as potential job opportunities.”
-Cassandra Reedman, MSc Health Management, University of Guelph

Jantine Roesink:

“I am very interested in attending the Advancing Women’s Conference, because I would love to learn about how women in agriculture have such an influence on society and on the agricultural perspective, as a whole. I am looking forward to listening to the speakers and their background about how they started their careers and how they became so successful in this sector. I want to be able to network with the various people participating in the conference as well as with the women who are speakers. I am looking forward to participating in the workshops and am eager to learn from the women who are teaching these workshops. I personally, look up to the women who are leaders in this profession, where I also one day hope to influence other women to choose this rewarding career, because it will give me direct insight on what it would be like to work in the agriculture sector, outside of the hands-on experience I already possess. I am eager to learn about how I can be a bigger and better leader in the agricultural sector.”
-Jantine Roesink, Agriculture, University of Guelph – Ridgetown Campus

Cindy Rouet:

“For me, the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference would represent the unique opportunity to connect with other women passionate about agriculture, horticulture and innovation. I would like to be inspired by women who are leaders in the agriculture sector and are dedicating their careers to make changes, promote and develop sustainable agriculture practices and sustainable food systems. I would like to learn how to develop strong leadership skills to become a major actor in my field and meet potential long-term mentors and friends.

Attending workshops would allow me to better my skills and learn more about entrepreneurship in the agriculture sector. I would like to develop my skills in communication, networking, financial management and career planning. I am also excited to discuss health, balance of life strategies and self-care as a woman involved in her professional career, but also as one dedicated to her family.

Agriculture is a fascinating sector. Recent progress and technology advances in the sector are creating so many opportunities. This conference will be a wonderful human experience and amazing opportunity for professional and personal growth.”
-Cindy Rouet, Ph.D. Candidate – Plant Agriculture Breeding and Genetics, University of Guelph

Riley Sharp:

“I would like to attend the AWC conference to meet new people and gain important connections and resources that I can use when I get a job in the future. There are a lot of great women in this industry attending and I am very interested to learn about how they got to where they are today. My grandmother is a very well known and successful woman in the agriculture field, and I would love to work my way up to be in a position like she is. She’s a huge influence on my life and my main driver to be a successful woman in agriculture. She attended AWC West 2018 and said it was a very great experience.”
-Riley Sharp, Agriculture, University of Guelph – Ridgetown

Kundai Siyawamwaya:

“I’m interested in attending the conference because I see it as a way of empowering women in the ag sector. I feel through this conference I will be motivated and encouraged by hearing stories of different women who have made it in the ag sector. This is also an opportunity to network with future employers and build relationships with people I’d want to be my mentors.”
-Kundai Siyawamwaya, Agribusiness, University of Manitoba

Abbey Taylor:

“As a young female passionate about agriculture, attending the AWC would be a dream come true for me. Meeting and networking with successful women in agriculture would encourage me that I too can succeed in this industry. I hope that by meeting women from various agriculture sectors, I will be exposed to many different career paths and find inspiration for my own future career in the industry. My goal is to be a primary producer on my family farm, and I am also interested in working in agribusiness. I know that attending this conference would open my eyes to the many possibilities that exist for women in agribusiness. Most of all, I would love to be surrounded by women who share my love of agriculture and I hope to learn as much as I can from their various experiences and pathways to success in agriculture.”
-Abbey Taylor, Associate Diploma in Agriculture, University of Guelph – Ridgetown Campus

Corissa Wilcox:

“My passion for the agriculture industry has always been prevalent in my life from a young age. I want to continue to pass on my family’s legacy of being a  part of an industry that supports young, driven individuals. This conference would help me to network with other individuals in the industry, which would benefit myself when I enter the workforce. As well, I would learn communication skills that would aid in speaking with industry leaders and in my education. I am the first woman in my family to be a part of the agriculture industry, so this opportunity would help me to learn professional skills that I can use in the industry. I would also benefit from this conference by socializing with others who share the same interests that I have.”
-Corissa Wilcox, Animal Science, University of Saskatchewan

Melissa Williams:

“I attended this conference last year and left with a sense of community and a better understanding of the multitude of roles women play in this field. If I were able to attend this year as well I would expect the same networking, self-growth and career opportunities that will help me to further build upon my current networks.”
-Melissa Williams, Master of Science – Animal Nutrition, University of Guelph

Hear what some of our past attending AWC students told us:

“Thank you for organizing such a fantastic conference! I am so happy that I was able to attend, it truly was inspiring and I have a whole notebook full of highlights to share with my peers! I’ve been encouraging all my girlfriends to mark AWC on their calendars!”
~Fiona J., St-Francois Xavier, MB

“Very interesting, uplifting and motivating conference that is amazing for young women who often question their decision to enter this industry. This conference smashed all doubts.”
~Melissa D., Olds, AB

“The greatest benefit of the conference? To be inspired – and I am fully! So many areas of agriculture to become involved in.”
~Brianna C., Dapp, AB

“This is a great conference, but the sponsorship for students was what allowed me to attend. Amazing! Good stories and speakers. I feel inspired to be a part of this industry.”
~Briane C., Garafraxa, ON

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