Products we like: June 2021

From their farm to your spoon – Experience the difference of CanMar Roasted Seeds

If you want to fuel your day with Omega-3’s, fibre, lignans and keep your heart healthy and more, check out these great products. Use them in your favorite recipes or check out the recipes in the CanMar website  Personally I am a huge fan, using CanMar flax in everything from my smoothies, to granola to all my baking! (and through Covid – I have done a lot of baking!) Enjoy!

Dovetail Workwear Canada

It all started with three women — two with muddy knees, one knee deep in textiles. Together they undertook the challenge to redefine women’s workwear. Their mission is to encourage women to enter and succeed in non-traditional occupations. Dovetail envisions the future as all women fulfilling their personal potential, thriving in their work, and strengthening their communities.

Dovetail Workwear: Fit for the job. Capable of anything.

Prairie Beef. Naturally.

You have met Kent and Tracey at AWC conferences, and heard Kent speak about their operation at a recent AWC. I am a regular at their shop at the Calgary Farmers’ Market to get my beef supply – just the best. Nothing like it! Check out their website at and say hi to the team next time you are there! I just might be there too!