Ag students and sponsors come together at AWC!

Two things make the AWC Student program successful:

  1. Students who are excited about starting their career path with a blast of inspiration, some great direction, and a network of leaders at their fingertips.
  2. Industry leaders who will join us in sponsoring and supporting these students and future leaders, giving them the opportunity to attend AWC and reap the benefits.

AWC matches students from agricultural programs across Canada with companies looking to invest in future leaders!

Would you like to sponsor a student to attend AWC?

Leading associations and agribusiness can take pride in supporting these young women and making this opportunity possible. That is what AWC has in store for you.

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Are you a student who would like to apply for sponsorship?

If you are a student studying agriculture at a Canadian university or college and you are currently in a degree, diploma or post graduate program,  you are eligible to apply. Your application will be reviewed and the top students will be sponsored. Deadline for complete applications is February 3, 2020.

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Applicants + Sponsors

Angelina Ding:

I am an international student from China. I am in the 2+2 program of food science, I finished my last 2 years’ study in Huazhong Agricultural University (China) and then I come to University of Manitoba to further my study. And this is my second semester in UM. During the last semester, I become a part of Agriculture Mentorship Program in Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences. Next semester, I will work in Dr. Peter Erk’s lab as a lab assistant, and my research will focus on gene-specific dietary recommendations and anti-glycation. After finishing my study in University of Manitoba, I want to get my master degree in nutrition. I look forward to attending AWC where I can meet many successful women in my area of study and they might give me some meaningful suggestions to my career. This conference might be the first step to achieve my future goal.
-Angelina Ding, 3rd year Food Science, University of Manitoba

Emily Gross:

My passion for agriculture stems from its uniqueness and values, and it ultimately why I chose to pursue a degree in Agriculture Sciences at Lethbridge College. After I finish my degree, my dream is to eventually take over my parent’s farm. Currently, I work on the farm on weekends and school breaks. During grade school and leading up to college, I have had various other part-time and full-time positions. Some of my favorites were grain bin building, nannying in Germany, and working at a greenhouse.

My dream is to one day manage my family’s farm. Some days I believe this dream is achievable, and other days, I become overwhelmed by the various gender-based stigmas and expectations that present potential barriers. AWC is a major networking opportunity which would help me connect with otherwise unavailable information and contacts. In addition, I see it as an opportunity to be inspired. Sometimes I feel alone in this pursuit of running a farm, and I find encouragement through connecting and learning from other women who are faced with similar challenges, or who have already overcome these challenges.
-Emily Gross, 1st year, Agriculture Sciences, Lethbridge College

Liu Lang:

“I am from Xi’an in China. I grew up in rural China and my family sells agriculture-related supplies. I got my bachelor’s degree of economics in Huaqiao University in China and currently I am studying the economic benefits of crop rotations at the Department of Agribusiness and Agri-economics at the University of Manitoba.  I was an intern student in Manitoba Agriculture in the summers of 2018 and 2019 working on research of crop rotations. Attending AWC will be helpful to exchange ideas in innovations. I would like to get to know other agricultural fields and expand my understanding of ag in Canada. To enable me to learn leadership skills and tools from role models in the industry will further my growth and benefit my future plans for personal and career growth.
-Liu Lang, 3rd year, Masters Degree Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics, University of Manitoba.

Alexa Peterson:

“I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to experience agricultural opportunities in my personal life, education and work.  I grew up spending my summers helping on a cereal grain farm in Saskatchewan. I am beginning to look towards pursuing a masters degree in pathology or plant breeding. I was able to attend AWC EAST and it truly provided me with the insight on the vast opportunities available to women in ag.  I made connections with amazing women form across Canada that I thought I would never get the opportunity to meet.  I would like to continue to improve my network in the industry as I near the end of my degree.
-Alexa Peterson, 3rd year, Plant Biotechnology, University of Manitoba