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May 12, 2020 • News for women entrepreneurs: Atlantic Women’s Venture Fund and The51 has joined forces with other like-minded organizations to create a unique and powerful national partnership called Canada51.

The intention is to gather together organisations and individuals to radically increase women’s participation in the innovation-driven economy and unlock opportunities that will deliver unprecedented, sustainable and inclusive economic growth for women in Canada. Visit for more information.

March 2, 2020 • AWCA: Barriers facing women in agriculture and how to overcome them

Rural Roots: “If there is a room where there are only five women and 30 men, they believe they need to stand out and so rather than trying to lift up the other women in the room, have their back and support them as well as try to make sure as a collective audience of five women with 25, 30 men in the room they try to take each other down,” Ose said…

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February 17, 2020 • AWCA: Three things women can do to help each other with their Ag careers

Rural Roots: “What I have found is giving females the opportunity to go into some of those roles is that haven’t been traditionally filled maybe by a woman or a woman with this background or a woman with this education I have always found that’s provided a really good opportunity of giving a hand-up,” Ose said…

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