From article posted by The Western Producer (Karen Morrison):

“CALGARY — A coach can help families navigate difficult relationships and challenging work on the farm.

Jacquie Stephens and Kay Kuenker of Breakthrough Consulting, who led a workshop at the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference March 6 in Calgary, said they offer an outsider’s perspective.

“It can be really valuable to have a different set of eyes that isn’t part of the farm family and has no idea of the relationships going on, and can look at it from a different perspective with no bias, no hidden intent,” said Stephens.

Unlike a therapist who works on identifying, assessing and accessing problems, Kuenker said coaches ask questions and use people’s own insights and solutions to resolve challenges in leading and being inclusive and unbiased.

“Whether you want to be a coach or are looking for a coach, self-awareness is the key to any journey,” said Stephens.

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