Snippet from article posted by RealAgriculture (Shaun Haney):

“Just as every farmer needs to move away from being “just a farmer” and recognize they are business owners and leaders, each individual within the farm business needs to own their true title — from operations manager, to human resource lead, and on to CEO.

This probably holds the most true for the “farm wife.” On most farms (and for many families), women are the glue that holds it all together, emotionally and on paper. The logistics co-ordinator, the buggy operator, the keeper of the banking and payroll info, the all-knowing “farm wife” is often more likely the Chief Operating Officer or the Chief Financial Officer. Isn’t it time they were recognized as such?

RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney sat down with Krysta Harden, vice president of public policy and chief sustainability officer of DuPont, at the recent Advancing Women conference to talk about recognizing each person’s value in a farm business (regardless of gender)…”

(read the full article and view video here!)

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