Snippet from article posted by The Alberta Wheat Commission, in The Wheat Sheaf (Erin Gowriluk):

“It is International Women’s Day and I am reflecting on my fourth year at the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference here in Calgary, which took place on March 6 & 7. As always, this conference provided a valuable opportunity to network with other women, especially when you consider how often there are only a handful of us at many ag sector meetings and conferences.  But something struck me this year with respect to the nature of the presentations and the discussion that followed.  We continue to hear presentations from women who have worked very hard to achieve positions of influence in our sector, be it as senior executives or as directors on male-dominated boards. As interesting and inspiring as these stories are and as valuable some of this advice may be, it is time to shift our focus. Participants at this annual conference continue to point to their relentless efforts to, in many cases, work harder and longer than their male counterparts and are growing increasingly frustrated by the fact that many of these positions, especially at the board table are in many cases held exclusively by men…”

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